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far end of the room. He ran to the opening

What were you and your family doing when the Wenchuan earthquake happened?When the big Wenchuan earthquake happened this year, what were you and your family doing at that moment? In my family, my father was working, my mother was

Wenchuan,a small city,was destroyed by the earthquake.Many people were buried underground.Many houses were collapsed.The army comes to help people save some people who were buried underground.People s

One earthquake can change your entire life, the wenchuan earthquake killed alot people and people who survived can't even find home. On that wenchuan earthquake day, I was studying homework for the test, when the quake come, I feel all the


Most casualties result from partial building collapse and falling objects and debris, so learn to cope for at least that longThis booklet is designed to help you and your family plan for and survive a major earthquake, you can lessen the impact of an


May 12th is an ordinary day in 2008,itis in this day that shocking earthquake happened in Sichuan province,China.The earthquake destroyed nearly everything in Wenchan county Sichuan province. It was terrible.We can't describle the scene what

wenchuan earthquake since the founding of people's republic of china since the greatest impact of an earthquake, magnitude since august 15, 1950 medog tibet earthquake (8.5) and in 2001 alexander kunlun earthquake (8.1) the third largest after

Now the most important and sad thing during the whole county is the earthquake happening in cichuan province wenchuan city.Some people is saved but some died for ever, some lose family and some lose health.The natural disaster is cruel but

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