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完形填空 《给山姆的信》介绍 亲爱的读者们: 在你阅读之前请允许我告诉你一些事.当我的孙子山姆出生的时候,我满心欢喜.在此之前我在轮椅上上坐了20年,而且重病了很多次.所以我想如果我有时间能够告诉山姆我承受了些什么. 那

21.D 考点是情态动词,此处意思为:你不准在这里停车 22.D 此处用with的意思的是我身上没有足够的钱 23.B 首先确定句意为否定、提谈的2件事,temper 和health,所以排除了A(三者及以上的否定)C(肯定、单数)D(三者及以上的肯定)

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72. 答案D【解析】.由第二段可知,举The Lord of the Rings这个例子是为了证明人们的好奇心是普遍存在的.所以答案选D项.73. 答案B【解析】Without modem technology, a small pond could be an amazing world filled

“step off”有“加快脚步”的意思

1、This is one of the most beautiful songs_____I have ever heard. A:what B:which C:that D:as 这是我所有听过的歌曲中最美丽的一首.修饰宾语作状语.选C, 2, This will improve their working conditions and enable them to double the_____. A:goods


DImagine, one day, getting out of bed in Beijing and being at your office in Shanghai in only a couple of hours, and then, after a full day of work, going back home to Beijing and having dinner there.Sounds unusual, doesn't it? But it's not that

Skeptics are strange lot. 许多怀疑论者是非常奇怪的. Some of them refuse to admit the serious threat of human activities to the enviroment, and they are tired of people who disagree with them. 他们中的一些人拒绝承认人类活动是严重威胁环境的

33 B34 D35 D

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