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119. grand a. 宏伟大,壮丽的,重大的 The museum that we visit is very grand. 我们参观的博物馆是非常雄伟的。 120. invade v. 侵入,侵略,侵袭 When Balrogs invade the ship, you better avoid them. The cabin is the safest place!当蝙...


dedicated [英] [ˈdedɪˌkeɪtɪd] 1. 专注的;献身的2. 专用的,专门用途的 His whole life is dedicated to scientific research. 他毕生致力于科学研究。 His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design. 他的...

We are having a picnic now.I take part in a singing contest.He will take part in a sports meeting.

1.honest Honesty is the best policy. 诚实才是上策。 He is an honest boy. 他是个诚实的男孩。 2. brave He was very brave about his operation. 他对手术毫无惧色。 She braved death to rescue me. 她冒着生命危险来救我。 3.fond I'm fon...

in total: 总共 Examples: 1. That will cost you 7.50 in total. 你总共要花7.50英镑. 2. During the occupation, we had to live in total submission (to the invader). 在沦陷时期, 我们得听凭(侵略者的)摆布. be equal to: conj. 等于(和...

I went to visit my grandma ladt week. 上周我去看望了奶奶。

元旦是,new year's day.what's your plan on new year's day?你的元旦计划是什么?I want to travel around our country during winter vacation.我想在寒假期间周游我国。

He is advised by the doctor to get an X-Ray. 他被医生建议去照个X光

经常——often:We often dance.喜欢——like:I like dancing.吃——eat:Eat some pies.喝——drink:Drink some water.傍晚——evening

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