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Glutinous RiCE BAlls是什么意思

Glutinous Rice Balls 汤圆 拼音双语对照 Glutinous Rice Balls 释义 粢饭团


rice balls 1.米羹 2.饭团 3.饭团子 glutinous rice balls 1.粢饭团 2.椰丝糯米糍 3.红豆沙圆子 4.奶皇糯米糍 sesame rice balls 1.芝麻汤圆 2.芝麻汤圆 cocoa rice balls 1.可可汤圆 gensing rice balls 1.人参汤圆

Glutinous rice balls, this is food festival, this with a strong festive food, or in the exclusive in its holiday food taste more at home. ...

Glutinous Rice Balls Ingredients 200 grams of glutinous rice flour 40 grams of black sesame powder Seasoning water 160 grams of sugar 40 grams ...

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