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I nEED you to hElp mE to Do sth. 这样表达有什么...

请求某人做某事。这样比较委婉。直接用Would you help me to do sth.就可以了。

意思一样,人称后跟形式不一样 help sb to do sth.与help sb with sth.区别 help sb. with sth.或help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人(做)某事, 二者意思相同,只是一个后跟名词,一个后跟动词原形。 扩展资料 1、The right style of swimsuit can h...

help sb do sth与help sb doing sth 一、关于 help sb do sth help sb do sth是大家比较熟悉的结构,通常也可说成help sb to do sth,其意为 “帮助某人做某事”,两者常可通用——即其中的不定式符号to可以省略,也可以保留。如: We helped her (t...

need sb to do sth 网络 需要某人做某事 1 Market appears later sparge aid black oil, also need others to do sth for sb ability gush is gotten even. 后来市面出现喷雾型助黑油,也需别人代劳才喷得均匀。


哦 没有。 刚才看错了,看成help了。

it is easy for you to do this job. it is honest for him to say so. it is clear for you to understand. it is simple for her to settle the problem. it is diligent for him to get up so early. it is horrible for me to stay alone in...

1. help sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事。 Can you help me to learn English ? 你能帮助我学英语吗? I can't help you to lift this stone. 我不能帮你搬这块石头。 2. be of some/ no/ much help to sb. 对某人有些 / 没有 / 很有帮助。 This...

相同! to可以省略

用for句型是对某人来说,做某事怎么样。比如It is good for you to do exercises. 锻炼对你有好处。而of 句型是某人做某事是怎么样。比如It is wrong of you to smoke. 你吸烟是不对的。

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