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-Why do you go to the store? 你为什么去商店? -Because I want do buy some salt? 因为我想买些盐。 -Why is she so sad? 为什么她这么伤心? -Because she lost her cat. 因为她的猫咪不见了。 -Why do they keep running? 他们为什么一直奔...

why do you like me?

造句: Why don't you go for a walk with us? 意思就是: 和我们一起去散散步怎么样?

Why are they here? They are going to have a meeting. -他们为什么来这里? -他们将要开一场会议。

Why didn't he stop me?... 为什么他没阻止我? 'I just want to see him.'—'Why?'... “我就是想见见他”——“为什么?” Why should I leave? 为什么我该离开?

例句:1.只要黑人仍然遭受警察难以形容的野蛮迫害,我们就绝不会满足。(马丁•路德•金 我有一个梦想) 2.母亲也常常说:“只要这个好心的于勒一回来,我们的境况就不同了”。(莫泊桑 我的叔叔于勒) 3.只要断了线不接,锭壳轧坏,辊...

1.Why would we go to such ludicrous lengths? 你真自以为是。我们为什么要费那么大的力气? 2. Why are Geography, Drama, Art and English in the ascendant? 为什么地理、戏剧、艺术和英语逐渐受宠? 3. He wonders why the digits on his c...


Why do you like apples? Because they are good. Why do you like spring? Because it's warm . Why do you like pandas? Because they're lovely. Why do you like dogs? Because they're smart.

Why not retrain for a job which will make you happier? 为什么不接受新的培训,找一份让你更快乐的工作? Why not throw it all in the pot and see what happens? 为什么不把它全扔进罐子,看看会发生什么变化? Why not wipe the slate cle...

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