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Football which is the most popular game in the world, many countries enjoy this game. There are many people who are mad in this football game. Even if they are busy with there work, they are put it as

what an

In American schools there is something called Home-coming Day. Many high schools and colleges with a football team have a homecoming game. This can be the most

1.what an exciting football math it is! :the football math is very exciting.2.how old the house is! :the house is very old.3.How interesting the story is!:the story is very intersting.

17.It's not right to waste (浪费)too much time on computer games.18.Heroes (英雄) appeared one after another after the big earthquake.19.This sweater is too expensive.Do you have a cheaper one?20.Gan

After a fewer years,I think my life will be more interesting than now.I think I'll be an and our apartment is too small.So in ten years ,I 'll have many different pets,I might even

这句话意思是看兴奋的事如此优秀的足球比赛是一件幸福的事 这里exciting不是指人 而是指看足球比赛这件事情 因此要用ed的形式

Football is a team-work sport.(足球是一项团队运动.) Football is one of the favourite sports in the u.s.a.(足球是美国最受喜爱的运动之一.)The world cup is a football feast.(世界杯是一场足球的盛宴.) Every weekend, our school will


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