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argue about [over] 为……争论 They always argue about [over] money. 他们总是为钱争吵.They are arguing about [over] who lost the ball. 他们在争论是谁丢了球.bother about 烦恼,担心 Don't bother about it. 不要为那事烦恼.One should not

加at 如:at about five o'clock 【在大约五点钟】 加for 如 for about five years【 大约五年了】

名词 代词 动名词即动词ing形式 about是介词 所有介词后只要加动词都变成动词ing形式 谢谢 希望楼主采纳


回答:be动词用bai何种形式取决于主语的人称和数du,以及动zhi作发生的时间. 如:They'd said the wound was only about this big you see and he showed me with his fingers.他们说dao伤口只有专这么一点大,他还用手指比划给我看属.They are only about ten dollars.

用用人称代词的 [主格] :He is about to leave home.We are talking about you.I am about to cry.

about是介词,后面一般加名词,或动名词 prep.(介词)+n.(一般的名词如CAR,DOG) prep.+动名词,就是的V-ing形式.(要注意,此时,要在脑海中,有名词的概念.因为很多人容易把它与分词的形式搞混.此处不讲解) do->doing hike->

"about" 后面有两种接动词的方法.一种是"about+doing sth."另一种是"be about to do sth."表示的是"即将打算做某事".希望这些对你有好处!

about 只能做介词, 不能做连词.“关于、、、、、、” 后面接名词或者动名词,宾语从句.

ing例如:How about going there?很高兴为你解答!老师祝你学习进步!请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

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