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Am not yours

I am Yours 非我莫属 - Jason MrazWell you`ve dawned on me and you bet I felt it我深深感受 你的出现带给我的惊异 I tried to be chill but you`re so hot that I melted我想抱著平常心 但你的如火热情令我溶化I fell right through the cracks, and now I`m

说白了就是 我很喜欢你,但你却不喜欢我

loving you ? 或者是i will always love you?loving youis easy 'cause you're beautifulmaking love with youis all i wanna doloving youis more thanjust a dream come trueand everthing that i dois out of loving youla ladoo un doo un doo doo, ahno one

原句:I am not an outstanding student of yours, but you are the most respectable to me in my eyes.参考译文:我不是你的优秀学生,但在我眼里,您是我最受尊敬的(老师).

I wish to have you in the future.我的未来有你 你的未来没有我!!!You are in my future, but I'm not in yours!!!


I am Yours释义:我是你的;我属于你;我是属于你的 例句:You are mine and I am yours. 你属于我,我也属于你.重点词汇: yours 读音:英 [j:z] 美 [jrz] 释义:pron.你(们)的东西;你的责任[义务];你的家属;来信,尊函 adj.你(们)的



sincerely yours by aj mcleani burn the pages in my head but the memories are so clear a thousand words left unsaid and you never shed a tear you say that you wanna be close to me so how does it feel? now the tables have turned you can learn how

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