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April summErs

艹 竹 竹 月 去卩 纟 目 少 弓 米 弓 皿 艹 女

Then hide from the April showersThose sweet memories of summer daysAre about quiet streams and trees and shade,And lazy afternoons by a pool,Eating ice...

祯zhēn (形声。从示,贞声。从示,与祯祥灾祸有关。本义:吉祥) 笔顺读写:捺折竖捺竖横竖折撇捺。 祯,祥也。——《说文》 必有祯祥。——《...

Hunan’s climate is typified by warm summers, mild winters, and moderate ...The weather is very nice in April, the temperature is around 15-20C,I ...

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