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As shown in

as shown in the example 是状语从句的省略,完整形式应该是: as it is shown in the example 例句补充如下: He finished his work ahead of schedule as expected.

As shown in the picture不需要加is,另一个句式就要加:As it is shown in the picture.

as is shown 如图所示,这个是正确的,固定搭配 希望对你有帮助uo~

应该把as去掉加are吧。这样就是一个被动语态。 如果用as,那 as shown in Table 1。就是一个状语,这个句子就分不清主谓宾了。

As is shown in the picture that....that所指的是限定picture的内容,可以作为从句引导词出现

as it is shown in the picture。 简化省略后,as shown in the picture。 一般省略重 复的主语和无意义的be动词。 下面的我查了下,as是引导定语从句,相当于which。在句子中做主语,指代先行词。 上面的是as做连接词,原因状语。 结合整个句子...

increase the direction of time, the horizontal direction is a space which coordinates. No matter the other two spatial coordinates, or sometimes by perspective one out. (this is called space - time, as shown in Figure 2.1). For...

按照护照有英语翻译的那一页的英语翻译进行填写。在一般的情况下,名字的地方填写的是自己的名字的汉语拼音。护照上会分两行写好,只要对照着填写就可以了: Last Name: xx First Name: xxx 需要特别注意的是,first name指的是名,last name或...

一般不会用as show below, 即使用,这个时候也是作为名词来用,不常用。 最常用的是as shown below

as “正如” 在此引导定语从句,你的句子没完,还有下半句吧!

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