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翻译如下: be free to 是无拘无束的意思。 例句: Women should be free to dress and act as they please 女性应该有穿衣和行动的自由。 be free for是没事儿;没事;得空;得闲的意思。 例句: We'll be free for a few minutes. 我们将有几...

be free是系表结构 释义:没事儿;没事;得空;得闲; for free是副词 释义:免费; 相关短语拓展 1、free beings自由人民 we believe that , should the rights of free beings be willfully and malignancy be usurped , it is the unalienable...

be free for sb 翻译为:对(某人)免费 例句:The drink is free for the children 饮料对于孩子是免费的。 不懂继续追问,望采纳,谢谢。(*^__^*) 嘻嘻

you are free for any of your opinions-------有什么意见尽管说 these books are given to you for free----这些书送你,不要钱。

for free adv. 免费 free of charge n. 免费 词性是不同的

若想与敌和平共处,就要与敌并肩作战。敌亦将为友。 If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he ...


Some people believe that the healthcare should be free for everyone,while others say that people should pay for their own health care. Discuss both ...


土鳖肥(to be free)已经不算新歌了,新歌是全英单曲——《for forever》超好听的一首歌,不过我没觉得土鳖肥像哪首歌啊,可能我听的歌少吧⊙_⊙

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