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没什么很大区别。 be honest in doing sth. be honest about sth.

Sir,believe me, I'm quite honest with you and I'm quite honest in what I do and say. *** 猫迷英语专家团提供【Real。American。English。】

be honest in doing 把in换成with。待某人某事诚恳


It Pays To Be Honest In our modern social life, there is no denying the fact that numerous adverse dishonest behavior around us . Those phenomenon have caused wide attention. We almost can find such things every day of our live...

【1】填 or so 【翻译】这台打字机用了大约十年了,还这么好。 or so 翻译为 大约。 【2】填broke up(句子的时态为一般过去时) 【翻译】这个小男孩打碎了邻居家的玻璃,他父亲给了那个邻居10美元作为赔偿。 【3】填dreaming of(这是一个主从...

【针对你的追问】:这是避免重复的问题 你注意到后面有一个“to be honest”了吗? 正如强调句:It is him that is the greatest man who has ever lived. 虽然强调句who 和 that都可以 但后面已经有who了 我们就用that!



2. 可以是silly 也可以是stupid 不过个人认为silly比较恰当一些 3. invented 发明 因为是1st car 所以用过去式 4. increases 增加 选择题:选C

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