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没什么很大区别。 be honest in doing sth. be honest about sth.

Sir,believe me, I'm quite honest with you and I'm quite honest in what I do and say. *** 猫迷英语专家团提供【Real。American。English。】

be honest in doing 把in换成with。待某人某事诚恳


在网上帮你找了一篇 It Pays to Be Honest Although honesty is believed to be a virtue, there are still dishonest people in our society. For example, some businessmen sell fake products to their consumers; some students cheat on e...

It is only that people all over the world are honest them our country will be beautiful and wealthy。10-12分档:Now in our society, many people are...

B 试题分析:句意:-老实说,我总是购买中国制造的东西。-好的,让我们去购物吧。made 是一个过去分词,在句中做后置定语修饰all;如用定语从句,则注意定语从句中用被动语态,因此A、D不对;C选项少定语从句的引导词。故选B。

连接词 (1)表选择关系或对等关系的连接词:either…or…,neither…nor, or, as well as…, and, both…and…。 (2)表因果关系或对等关系的连接词...


To be honest, a mobile phone is playing an important role in my life. I am a student, a phone a day with my parents can let my perents know ...

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