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现在进行时 being一般过去式 was were一般将来时 will be为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

there be 一般不用于进行时,tere be句型在一般现在时,there is / are ..There are fifty-two students in our class. There is a pencil in my pencil-case.一般过去时,there was / were There was an old house by the river five years ago.There were two

一般现在,一般过去都没有固定结构现在进行:I'm doing+动词原形一般将来:be going to+动词原形I'm doing+动词原形-----现在表将来过去进行:was/were+been+dong现在完成:have/has+doing

There be句型的用法 一、构成:There be 句型表示的是 “某处有(存在)某人或某物”,其结构为There be(is,are,was, were )+名词+地点状语.例如: There are fifty-two students in our class. There is a pencil in my pencil-case. There was an

过去完成时结构为 had done(done只是动词过去分词的一个代表,下面也相同)一般现在时 do现在进行时 be +doing一般过去时 did过去进行时 was\were+doing一般将来时 will\shall+do过去将来时 would+do现在完成进行时 have\has+been+doing

一般过去时 主语+动词(过去式)+其他一般将来时 主语+助动词will/be going to+动词(原形)+其他现在进行时 主语+助动词be(am.is.are)+动词ing形式+其他

现在进行时;主语+be动词+doing He is playing football in the playground.他正在操场上踢足球.一般现在时:主语+谓语动词 We usually go to school at 7:30. 我们通常7:30上学去.一般过去式:主语+动词过去式+其他 I was late yesterday. 昨天我迟到了一般将来时:主

一般现在时,动词用原形,主语是第三人称单数时用三单形式;一般将来时,谓语will /be going to +动词原形,一般过去时,谓语用动词的过去式;现在进行时,谓语用be +doing

现在进行时 : be+ving 标志词 now , at the moment 一般将来时 : will+be will+v原 标志词 will 还有将来的时间 be going to 也表示将来时一般现在时 主语+is am are +其他

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