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am 、are的过去式是were,is的过去式是was.

I was doing my homework I washed the car a moment ago I was watching TV at 11 last night. He was writing a book last week. When he was a boy he was always crying. I was late yesterday. Were you ill yesterday? We weren't late yesterday. When

I was in the classroom yesterday morning. 昨天早上我在教室里.He was at school last Tuesday. 上周二他在学校.They were over there a moment ago. 刚才他们在那边.I was not (=wasn't) here yesterday. 昨

for example:he must be playing computer games,isn't he?

I was going to school yestoday

1.Yesterday was his birthday. 2.I wasn't born yesterday. 3.The frightened horse ran away from the life. 4.The door remains locked. 5.Mary seemed worried at the news. 加些分再给你写几句.

be动词的过去式为was/were,造句:1、She was a teacher. 2、You were happy yesterday.

1.I was happy yesterday 2.he was late for class yesterday 3. There was only a chair in the room 4.Tom was ten years old last yar 5.were you at home last night ? 6.they were able to climb the mountains last week 7.we were tired after running 8.

动词的过去式 i was a student .动词的现在式 i am a student .动词的将来式 i will be a student .

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