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BEComing who wE ArE什么意思

becoming who we are成为真正的自己双语例句1Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars, drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are.雨又开始下,从星星上缓缓落下,再一次淋湿我的伤口,我们成为真正的自己.2Declaring what

Becoming who we are的译文:我们将变成谁

We Are Who We Are的意思:我们就是我们,做自己.We Are Who We Are 英 [wi (r) hu wi (r)] 美 [wi r hu wi r] 作自己.We are who we are; even if we sometimes forget it. 这就是我们,甚至有时自己也遗忘了这一点.扩展资料

只可用于从句(句中句)里,如:They don't know who we are. 他们不知道我们是谁. We should be proud of who we are. 我们该为我们自己感到骄傲.No matter who we are, we still need to be patient. 不论吾辈为何许人也,依旧需要有耐心.

“We are who we are, collectively and individually, because of our brains, he says. And our brains, no less than our livers or kidneys, are products of evolution”, 心理学家 Steven Pinkerargues in his new book, The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial

直译:我们就是我们自己 有点保持个性,不失真我的感觉,就好像人家说你时,你回答“我本来就是这个样子的”一样.




他们赢.这让位给了“我们是谁开玩笑” ?时代的专业人士who are we kidding我们在跟谁讲笑?过了一段时间,通过后,选手成为明星谁利用了他们的潜力

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