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or, 因为否定句要用or连起来,而且从上下文理解,没有空气或没有水人就不可以生存。如果是and, 就是:没有空气和水人就不可以生存,也就是说要没有空气和水一起才不可以生存,但事实上没有空气,或没有水人就不可以生存

Ooh I I cant live without ya. I cant live without ya. [Verse 1:] Girl you got me shook, after all of the fighting and the screaming snatched up the keys then you got in the range knowing that its raining (whyd I let you go) I d...

这首歌曲的名字是《Without You》,具体歌曲信息如下: 歌曲:Without You 歌手:Badfinger 作词:Pete Ham,Tom Evans 作曲:Pete Ham,Tom Evans 歌词: No, I can't forget this evening 我无法忘记今晚 Or, your face as you were leaving ...

fish can't live without water 没有水,鱼不能活 鱼离不开 双语例句 1 As is known to all, fish can't live without water. 众所周知,鱼离不开水。 2 Fish ultimately a second also can not live without water, our happiness can't oxygen...

我来给你最佳答案~~~ Can't Live Without You——Mischa Daniels/Sharon Doorson 目前只有网易云有这个歌曲,其他的软件没发现~~~

意思我的生活不能没有你 Baby, I have found that I can not live without you now, no smile everyday, no dinnereveryday, do not want to work, can not sleep at night, can not wake up in the next morning! 宝贝,我已经发现现在的我没有...

how can i live without you 打印此页 歌手:counting crows (original by Cracker) You can still come and make me coffee in the mornin You can still come and cook me chicken fried steak You can live your life with whomever you plea...

Tim McGraw  & Taylor Swift-

Leona Lewis - Better In Time我也超爱这首歌http://www.letv.com/ptv/vplay/1946125.html

Mariah Carey_Without You

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