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CONTROVERSY: ['kntrv:si] n. 争论,争议

controversy[英][kntrv:si][美][k:ntrv:rsi] n.论战; 公开辩论; 复数:controversies 例句:1.Apple has been snared in controversy over hon hai before. 苹果公司过去曾因鸿海的问题而陷入争议.

Use a good English only dictionary such as:http://dictionary.cambridge.org Select "Learner's" dictionary for the easiest one.argument noun [C]1 ANGRY DISCUSSION an angry discussion with someone in which you both disagree They had an

你好!可数 如有疑问,请追问.

edgy 尖利的 形容刀子或者某个人的说话方式很尖锐 do not be so edgy!controversial 有争议的 形容事物或者方案没有得到抑制的同意 the paln is controversial.contentious 有异议的 形容某个人对某件事存在一定的消极的看法差的有点多啊 she is contentious about the plan.你上文引用中的这三个词用在这里是同义词的用法 属于猜词题里面的近义词考察点.

我觉得它们的意思是有一定区别的.controversy是说一件事情有争议,或者引起的争议,争论 dispute有争吵的意思在里头 而debate一般是说辩论赛那一类的辩论

看的懂英文的话我直接给你字典上的解释把Argue implies presenting one's reasons: The scientists argued for a safer testing procedure; it may also imply disputing in an angry or excited way: His parents argue all the time.To debate is to

楼上回答错误.mello梅洛n.(Mello)人名;(英、意、葡、法)梅洛;(西)梅略双语例句1. Mr Mello, who is splendidly forthright, did not let the subsequent controversy bother him overly.Mello先生,衣着华丽,为人坦率, 他不允许持续不断的争论带

是controversies!绝对没问题!字典上说的! 通常,以“辅音字母+y”结尾的可数名词,其复数形式应该把y变i再加es!

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