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DEpEnD on you頁焚担吭房?

depend on you 利大 卆真低 褒囂箭鞘 1 I shall have to depend on you to do it. 厘峪嗤真低栖恂宸周並阻。 2 I depend on you to do that. 厘猥田禹疱椎並。

宸曾嶽傍隈脅音斤屎鳩議傍隈哘乎頁It depends on you. depend頁音式麗強簡侭參短嗤瓜強囂蓑勣紗初狼簡on嘉嬬揮貧塩囂。泌 The cooking time needed depends on the size of the potato. 侭俶議搭眇扮寂函畳噐輿狭議寄丕 What happened l...

It is depend on you 宸函畳噐低 憧咄褒囂斤孚 褒囂箭鞘 1 Whether this is the best answer depend on how you look at it. 宸頁倦頁恷挫議基宛函畳噐低奕劔心万。

depend on - 真。。 I depend on you 厘真低阻 depends on (紗阻倖 s - 喇。。。畳協/僉夲吉。。 It depends on you 喇低栖畳協

depend 頁音式麗強簡峺卆真賜宀函畳噐。紗阻on峪音狛頁紗阻強恬議斤鵝 箭泌I can depend on you. 厘辛參卆正低。 What type of food do you like芯穗音恭塋加苅 !!It depends. 音挫傍。 !!It depends on the restaurant. 宸誼函畳噐架愈...

Depend on You あなたがもし唾羨つ その晩が いつか栖たら そこからふたりで兵めよう 朕峺してたゴ`ルに曙きそうな扮 云輝はまだ垓いこと欷兇い燭? 匯悶どこまで佩けばいいのか 嶮わりのない晩?をどうするの? ずっと敬びAけて 藤れたなら ...

for ever 頁倖玉囂屁悶 ^喟垓悳頁 ̄ 音勣溝羨肇心耽匯倖簡 ========泌嗤夘諒瀧貧弖諒」Q楼序化========


麼勣吭房葎^卆真 ̄、^卆正 ̄、^函畳噐 ̄吉峪喘恬音式麗強簡宥械嚥初簡 on, upon 銭喘麼勣喘隈嗤 1. depend on [upon]蝶繁賜蝶麗Whether we¨ll go camping depends on the weather. 厘断頁倦肇勸唔勣心爺賑。I haven¨t got a car, so I ha...


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