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design to do一般用被动,be designed to do=被设计用来做……Cellphone was designed to communicate with your friends. 手机被设计用来和朋友交流的.我在nciku(n词酷)中的提问吧找到的

I design to go to home.这句话对,应把to去掉因为home是副词vt.计划, 筹划He designs to become a musician.他立志成为一个音乐家.

前者是看到某人正在做某事,eg:i saw him playing football.我看到他正在踢足球;后者是看到某人做完某事.eg:i saw him play football.我看到他踢完足球.

design sth for sth She designed a new logo for the company.well/badly etc designed a badly designed office specially designed software[usually passive] to plan or develop something for a specific purposedesign sth to do sth These exercises are

Design for 用法:[1] 名词词组:计划;图样;设计图. 【(Some kind)design for sth: 某物的(某种)设计/设计图】 如:designs for a new house 一所新房子的设计图 Design for Integral Condenser 模块化凝汽器设计 HVAC Design for Villas 别


design的用法 基本上常用的有下面两类:一、design前面不加be1. design sth to do sth2. design sth for sth 二、design前面加be3. be designed as sth4. be designed for sb/sth


decide sb to do sth 决定使某人做某事hope用作动词时,后面可接不定式或that从句,但不能接“宾语+不定式”.Design to do sth:目的是……,计划……. 所以hope 、design应该不能那么用

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