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With the development of our society,competition has become more and more fierce.Competition usually comes as an important and necessary part of our society especially economic affairs.As is widely recognized,fierce competiton has largely


小朋友,你好大哦,还学架子鼓,我1千年前学的 很简单,先买一架子鼓,就7000~10000左右 再加上努力,认真,勤奋,好学就OK了

The PROS & CONS of Competition.

to sum up,we should make efforts to cultivate these ability for ourselves ,improving our comprehensive ability.Only in this way can we do a job with skill and ease in the competitive society, and win easily.

In a word, the cars have brought enormous change to our life; the advantages are far more than the disadvantages. We should recognize the merit of the cars, and do our best to solve the problems. If so, our life will be brighter.Version 00106

菲尔斯我在04 05年有过合作 主要代理珍珠鼓 Pearl鼓 PAISTE镲片SABIAN镲片 Roland Meinl镲片 信与不信错 质量肯定没问题了都是代理!不可能是假的 经理是宣艺兵 曾任过很多乐队的鼓手 坏兄弟乐队 前交点乐队 后天堂乐队!

关于竞争和合作的On competition and cooperation(辨证关系题材)When it comes to competition and cooperation,some people always emphasize competition but neglect cooperation.Their reasons run as followi

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