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For my pArt

for my part 是需要自己在所评论的事件中有所参与 in my opinion 可以用在对任何事情发表评论

on my part 在我这一边 This was wrong on my part. (错在我) for my part 对我来说 For my part, I don't mind where we eat. (对我来说,到哪儿吃饭都无所谓。)

(2*10) 1 For my own part, being careful about my appearance keeps me ___. (confidence) 2 There should be a lot more ___ between the social se...

For my part, i agree with the latter opinion for the following reasons. 翻译:从我来看,我同意后者观点,理由如下。


Sorry for my jump in 不好意思,打断您以一下

he's there in my heart,he waits in the windshe's gotta play a part....I won't let him win, but im a sucker for his charm.Trouble is a ...



For better or worse till death do us part无论丰腴困厄至死不渝 I'll love you with every beat of my heart心跳不息 爱无止尽And I swear我发誓I ...

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