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for my part 是需要自己在所评论的事件中有所参与 in my opinion 可以用在对任何事情发表评论

on my part 在我这一边 This was wrong on my part. (错在我) for my part 对我来说 For my part, I don't mind where we eat. (对我来说,到哪儿吃饭都无所谓。)

(2*10) 1 For my own part, being careful about my appearance keeps me ___. (confidence) 2 There should be a lot more ___ between the social se...

Sorry for my jump in 不好意思,打断您以一下

For my part, i agree with the latter opinion for the following reasons. 翻译:从我来看,我同意后者观点,理由如下。

For better or worse till death do us part无论丰腴困厄至死不渝 I'll love you with every beat of my heart心跳不息 爱无止尽And I swear我发誓I ...


25. My real life friends and my Internet friends are also part of my ...The good friends that I have are always there for me in every situation ...

《only love》two a.m. and the rain is falling (凌晨2点的凄风苦雨中) here we are at the cross roads once again (我们再次来到这分手的十字路口) you're telling me you're so confused (你告诉我你是那么的彷徨) you can't make up your m...

Good morning, everyone, I am honored to stand here, and I am glad to share my opinion about aims. An aim of living is very important, because it is about your dreams and goals. If you do not have any aim, you will lose yourselv...

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