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hAnDs on什么意思

hands-on 英 [ˈhændzˈɔn, -ˈɔ:n] 美 [ˈhændzˈɑn, -ˈɔn] adj.亲自实践的; 实际动手操作的

adj.亲自实践的; 实际动手操作的

hands-on training 实习培训 双语例句 1. They also address emergency situations caused by natural disasters or the adverse effects of human activities, and offer opportunities for hands-on training. 这些项目还处理自然灾难造成的紧...

hands-on experience 实践经验;手动的经验;实际动手经验 例句筛选 1. Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a managed project. 通过对托管项目执行代码分析获得实践经验。 2. Gain hands-on experience by profiling a s...


get one's hands on v. 把 ... 弄到手; 占有 例句 1.For instance, somebody sells on the net epistolary, you want to receive a love letter, after paying, can get what he writes with one's own hands is epistolary. 比如,有人在网上...

put one's hands on 把一个人的手 双语对照 词典结果: put one's hands on 找到; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Have or hold in one's hands. 在某人的手中持有或握着。

动手经验相关例句:1.Ninety-nine per cent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers. 现在,99%的小学生都亲手操作过电脑。


lay hands on v.得到,攻击,找到 [例句]The government offers them all kinds of welfare , but because they lack an identity , they struggle to lay hands on what they have been promised. 政府给穷人提供各种福利,但是也因为没有身份...

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