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hi hooker and prostitute are ofen means the same , they are perfect synonymous. But I believe and my pals think that hookers hook their clients at their own, but prostitutes often have a pimp as an medium.

“masturbation, cocaine and hookers, in addition to making your customers reinvest their winnings so you can collect the commissions” (来源TheDailyBeast....

The mayor has no cash, he said he spend it on hookers and hash. 市长(也可指有权势的人)没有钱,他说他都花在了吃喝嫖赌上面.

says it's on him The mayor has no cash He said he spent it on hookers and hash Mothers weep, children sleep So much violence ends in silence It...

stand 美国民谣歌手珠儿Jewel

He said he spent it on hookers and hashMothers weep, children sleepSo much violence ends in silenceIt's a shame there's no one 2 blameFor all the...

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