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If i were a boy.by BeyonceIf i die young.by The Band PerryIf you seek amy.by Britney Spearsif开头的太多了,我给几首我喜欢听的,你可以在酷狗上搜“if”,都会出来的.

《If I Had You》---Adam Lambert 是《if everyone cared》吗你能在提供一些线索吗,例如旋律,Mv内容,等等 越详细越好

Aura Dione About Reconnect播放歌手:Aura Dione语言:英语所属专辑:Before the Dinosaurs

歌曲:if i die young歌手:The Band PerryIf I die young bury me in satin若我英年早逝,请将我葬在绸缎中Lay me down on a bed of roses让我躺在铺满玫瑰的床上Sink me in the river at dawn在黎明时分将我沉入河中Send me away with the words

难道是天后的when you believe?如果不是我也没办法 Many nights we've prayed 许多夜晚我们曾恳切祈祷 With no proof anyone could hear 不奢求有人倾听 And our hearts a hopeful song 我们的心如一阕希望之歌 We barely understood 自己难以

这个范围太广了 光The beatles就有这么多IF开头的,而且都好听 If I Fell If I Fell In Love With You If I Needed Someone If You Love Me Baby If You've Got Trouble

if i were a doyif i die young

我觉得的是这首 The Band Perry - If I Die Young试听http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTkyNTE5NzEy.html试试吧 祝你好运

应该是后街男孩的:I wanna be with you.

if i could ?if i couldhttp://mp3.5583.com.cn:7777/102down/200811/If I Could(台湾偶像剧《我的亿万面包》插曲)Babyface.wmaSo lately, I've been wondering/近来我感到疑惑Who will be there to take my place/有谁可以替代我的位置When I'm

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