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it up to you什么意思


up to you 由你做主 很流行的一名话 it is up to you 就可以根椐语境翻译了 这由你决定(由你做主) 你决定好了 一类的都可以 翻译很灵活

It's up to you.=It's your turn to make decision.轮到你了;该由你来决定了;你说了算.例如:How about going out for a walk after supper?晚饭后出去散步如何?It's up to you. 你说了算.

it's up to you这取决于你双语对照词典结果:百科释义歌曲信息歌手: Barbra Streisand 所属专辑:《Guilty Pleasures》 发行时间:2006-05-24 所属公司:SONY&BMG 歌曲标签:comfort,office,钢琴,calm,soothe歌词You can say what you got

it is up to you:这取决于你 例句:1、It is up to you to decide whether to go or stay.由你决定走还是留下来.2、It is up to you to determine the settings at this point.这由您来决定在这个点上的设置.3、It is up to you how you design the business

It is up to you的意思:由你决定,由你来决定.It is up to you是一个固定搭配,it是代词,在这个句子中没有实际意义,It is up to表示由什么决定,you是一个人称代词,翻译成你.It is up to you.这个句子在口语中使用频率很高.当谈到需要对某事

it is up to you这得由你决定双语对照例句:1.Whatever. It is up to you. Do you want the tent? 随便你决定你想要帐篷吗?2.How terrible it is to give up babies. 抛弃孩子的感觉是多么的糟糕

it is up to you 意思是: 你看着办吧.

it's up to you由你决定;一切由你决定;取决于你例句1.It's up to you to decide whether to go or to stay.是去是留该由你决定.2.Your body language will be seductive and difficult to walk away from so it's up to you to be honest about the way you feel.

通俗点就是 "随便你"

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