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In the end of the year, people held many activities to celebrate and welcome the New Year. In my school, we held a New Year party every year. Students like taking part in it very much, because it is really funny. This year, I dance with my classmates.

On New Year's Eve, our class had a party. The atmosphere was good. It was out of the ordinary from the very begining. The boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance. We saw a boy named Li Xinmin turn off all the lights in a

The Christmas Party圣诞晚会 It was Christmas Day yesterday. We had a Christmas party at school. Many friends of mine came to the party. After we said"Merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelweiss, andso on. Then


a new year party it is really exciting that 2012 has past and now is 2013. To celebrate it, my family decide to have a party tonight. In the preparation, my job is to clean our house.In the meantime, my parents go downtown and buy snacks.Goodbye, 2012, hello, 2013.全手打,希望能对您有帮助!有什么问题可以问我

Our plan for New Year partyNew Year's Day is coming. We'll have a New Year party. Here's the plan for the party. We'll put some flowers and balloons in the classroom to make it beautiful . We'll go to the supermarket and buy some sweets and

We had an English Evening yesterday. there were many performances. Almost everyone took part in it. Miss Tang joined us. She sang us some nice English songs, we enjoyed her sweet voice very much. Helen's recitation was so good that she

New Year ResolutionIn the new year, I will work hard in school. I will pay attention in class, complete assignments on time and do extra readings preactively to enhance my understandings about the topics covered in class.I will lead a healthy lifestyle

my new year's resolutions are diffcult to finish. first, i am going to study hard because i want to get good grades. math is not very good, so i will practice it three times a week. then, i am going to exercise more. i will go swimming, run and so on. next

I had a happy day on New Year's day.In the early morning,my father and I went to climb a moutain,my father told me that I should take more exercise to keep healthy.I felt so tired but quite happy.after lunch ,I wacthed a cartoon movie with my best friend

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