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on one's mind表示现在正在想的,比如,There's something on my mind.即,我现在心里有点事。 in one's mind有两种意思 一,“在我看来”:In my mind he is only a clown. 在我看来他不过是个小丑。 二,“在我心里”:You will always be in my m...

be out of ones mind adj.发狂(精神错乱;被遗忘;被忘却)。 例句: You must be out of your mind if you think I'm going to lend you 50!你以为我会借给你50英镑,你准是疯了! She must be out of her mind to act in that way.她那样干,一...

on one's mind 是把某事记挂在心上 in one's mind是在脑海中,在意识里 一个在记住 一个是在

be out of ones mind 某人疯了 双语例句 1. You must be out of your mind if you think I'm going to lend you 100 dollars. 如果你以为我会借给你100美元,你准是疯了. 来自《简明英汉词典》 2. He must be out of his mind to think he can sa...

make up one's mind to do sth.= decide to do sth. 决定做某事.I made up my mind to watch TV yesterday. change one's mind改变主意 I always change my mind .

one mind功能是魅族自主研发的,One Mind采用分析、决策以及进化的思维模式,在用户夜间不使用手机时自动清理后台耗电服务,在支持的游戏当中进入游戏模式,智能游戏模式调配更多资源支持流畅运行,又能实现更低的发热,推荐用户体验。

to do 例句: Only you must make up your mind to avoid strong drink. 不过你可得先下决心不再喝酒才成。 He has make up his mind to prove that Mary's argument doesn't hold water. 他决心要证明玛丽的论点是站不住脚的. set one's mind t...

be of one heart and one mind 同心同德;一心一德; 例句: 1. They have a mind, a heart, and a liver. 它们有脑,心脏,和肝. 2. Your mind and my heart will never agree until your mind ceases to live in numbers and my heart in the mist...

知道心里想什么 比如你还没开口 人家就说了你的想法 你就可以说 you read my mind

mind one's own business 管好自己的事就可以了,意思就是 让某人不要多管闲事。

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