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out of question的意思是没问题相当于without question而out of the question的意思则恰恰相反是不可能的意思,也就是impossible.

out of question adj. 的确(毫无疑问,一定,当然) It is out of question that I will write to you. 我一定会给你写信的. out of the question adj. 不可能(根本谈不上) But to discuss the topic was out of the question. 但要谈论这个问题简直是不可能的.

2 - Out of the question牛津英语解释:Impossible or not allowed and therefore not worth discussing. 不可能,不允许比如:Passing the exam again is out of the question for him. 他不可能再次通过这个考试.out of question 英语解释:there is no doubt. 没

Out of question和out of the question的主要区别是: 1、out of question意为"毫无疑问",是个副词短语,意思和beyond question相同. 例:Her kindness was out of question.她的善心是毫无疑问的. 2、out of the question意为"不可能",

e.g. You can't let a girl of three understand such a difficult story--it's out the question question是是个常见的多义词,根据《牛津现代英语高级词典》的解释,其中一个意思是“something about which there is discussion;something which needs to be

out of question毫无疑问. doubtless; without a doubt; beyond (all) question; out of question; past question; without question; 毫无疑问The victory is out of question. 胜利是毫无疑问的.Out of question,

Out of the question的意思是“毫无可能”、“根本不必讨论”.它是形容词这里的out of要放到整个短语一起看意思,表示没有必要讨论,毫无可能.在

out of the question 不可能,无法 out of question 毫无疑问,必然,必定

Out of the question:不可能 Out of question:毫无疑问的 英语中的固定搭配(或叫成语),都有其特定的意思,往往都不是能从字面上猜出来的.如Out of the question和Out of question这两组搭配,乍一看,只不过是一个冠词之差,但意思却大

ut of question意为"毫无疑问",是个副词短语,意思和beyond question相同.例:Her kindness was out of question.她的善心是毫无疑问的.out of the question意为"不可能",是个形容词短语(相当于impossible),常用于以下情况:1.充

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