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plan 后接to do sth. =plan on doing sth. 意为计划做某事。 例句: 1、Father approved our plan to visit New York. =Father approved our plan on visiting New York. 父亲同意了我们访问纽约的计划。 2、They plan to extend their research...

plan to do 和plan on doing 的区别: 1. 意思:plan to do 和plan on doing 的意思都为“打算,计划做某事”,但是plan on doing 比plan to do多了一层“希望做某事”的意思。 3. 时态:plan to do 和plan on doing 可以用于所有时态的句子,只需要...

plan to do 是计划去做某事。 plan on doing是按照计划做着的事。

两者都表示计划做某事。但前者是一个长远的计划,后者表示正打算做什么,是短期或近期的计划。 希望对你有帮助~

I want to_____put__ ___off_____my plan to work in an animal hospital next summer 意思是 我想把我在动物医院工作的计划推迟到明年夏

I will go and visit Shanghai during new year's holiday. We will go there by high speed train, whos speed can reach 300 km/hour. We we arrive there, we will check in a hotel first. Then we will visit the bund first. From there w...

They were planning to have a surprise party for my best friends 她们打算为我最好的朋友举行一个惊喜聚会

你打算怎么做,与 你想咋办 的区别。 I'll first get to know if she loves me. If so I'll fall in love with her. I'll take her to my dream no matter she loves me or not.

plan to do 是打算计划做某事,还没做 mean to do是已经做了,但结果和自己预想的不一样,跟人家解释说,我本意是打算做某事的。 plan相比没有这层后悔的意思

plan改成planed,在happy前面加be,删掉to during plan改成planed,一句话中只能出现一个动词,have是动词,因此改成planed,完成时 在happy前面加be,and前后时态保持一致,前面是动词形式后面也应该是动词。 to和during都是介词,不能连用

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