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spectacular adj.场面富丽的,壮观的; 引人注意的; 惊动一时的; 惊人的 n.壮观的场面,精彩的表演; 〈美〉一小时半以上的大场面电视节目; 特大霓虹灯广告 You wander off to one side, into the nave, and suddenly you come across thissp...

C 适应性 A没心情

Sometimes, the performance of one actor can elevate a mediocre script to the level of solid entertainment. This is a phenomenon we see again and again, and One True Thing is just the latest example. Perhaps surprisingly, howeve...

CBACD 我相信书后的

里约热内卢英文介绍Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular cities on the planet. Even the well-traveled individuals will ...

spectacular [spek'tækjulə] adj.1. 壮观的,壮丽的;奇观的,洋洋大观的 2. 公开展示的;炫耀的;展览的;演出的 3. 引人注目的,惊人的;突出的 4. 突然的;突如其来的 n.1. 壮观;奇观2. 惊人之举3. 展览物,展品 4. [美国英语](引...

To experience that spectacular scenes

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