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thE Boy mADE A toy plAnE For his sistEr同义句

He wants a toy plane for his birthday.改为同义句He would like a toy plane for his birthday.或者He wanna get a toy plane for his birthday.来自英语牛人团望采纳 谢谢你!

My sister has a toy rabbit. = My sister has got a toy rabbit.注:has = has got 有

更正楼上第2题答案:1. Tom makes a doll for his sister.2. (He) is one of my friends.3. fromgetfrom是固定短语,意思是“从中得到”.4. D a lot ofhousework是不可数名词,不能用B many修饰;a lot不

1.It's good for your health to do exercise.2.The littl boy looks after his young sister every day.2.The children wanted to take a walk.

1.You can conclude that there's slight difference between the two pictures if you watch carefully.2.As the boy's mother was cruel, he ran away from home.3.My brother won the first prize of the painting competition so that he was excited.4.We didn't see

He __didn't have_ ___ a toyWe aren't want to take a shouer now. ( x )________________want变为going______begin(反义词)_end__ can(过去式)__could_He can speak French.(改为同义句)He __is_ _able_____ to speak French.Lucy

你好!Does Li Ming buy a toy for his sister?希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

1 with2 went to the cinema3 took the plane4 with1 flew ,visiting2 went3 to buy4 did,go went5 are ,doingam readingis ,did ,buybought6 did ,do wrotedoes ,writewrites1 On ,up2 of3 at4 for5 through6 with7

get an education

Jim's sister sent a letter to him yesterday 原句是说Jim收到了他妹妹的信,改了一下,Jim妹妹给他寄了信

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