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turninto 造句为什么用被动语态

造句:I think I have got to stop or I might turn into a machine 我想我得停下来了,否则我就会变成一台机器.可以不用被动语态啊


turn into 的被动语态应该是 be turned into前者是自发的主动的转变,而后者则是受到外力作用被动转变

不可以的,想想就知道啊,turn into意为:变成 用被动语态就是被变成,根本讲不通嘛,water was turned into ice是错的,不能用被动.

1, The terrible place will be turned into be a beautiful park.2, Will you be helped with your english by her this evening?3, Will another school be built in this town?4, Can these magazines be taken out of the reading room?5, Trees and flowers can be

1 He was told not to waste time on fishing (by his mother).2 I was given a toy at Christmas (by my father).3 Machine tools are produced in this factory.4 It should be done at once (by them).5 You are likely to be let down.6 The child was named Tom.7.

change into turn into 是一样的 当主语和谓语有被动关系时 用被动语态 如果没有 用主动语态 【学习宝典】

你说的被动语态是不是就是用这些词的被动形式造句? 1 the girl who was lost has been found.那个走丢的女孩被找到了. 2 our teaching building was rebuild after the earthquake.我们的教学楼是在地震之后重建的. 3 a lot of water has been

1.the glass is broken.(一般现在时被动)2.his book was borrowed yesterday.(一般过去时被动)3.this building will be finished next week.(一般将来时态被动)4.the letter is being read now.(现在进行时被动)5.the blakboard was being used

进行时He is being hurted now. He is being hit now. 完成时He has been hurted by this car. 一般时He is hurted by this car. He is employeed by this company. 将来时 He will be put into prison tommorrow.情态动词的被动he can't be hurted any more.He can't be put into the prison.

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