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walk the walk英 [wɔ:k ðə wɔ:k] 美 [wɔk ði wɔk] [词典]做得像个专家,表现得像个专家; [网络]说干就干; 说到做到; 身教; [例句]Remember that it is better to walk in the dark with God than to walk al...


walk [英] [wɔːk][美] [wɔk] 释义: v.走,步行;使行走,使…行走似的移动 n.走,步行,行走;散步;悠闲的步速;【棒球】自由上垒

如果是走到另一个地方是walk over,走路穿过walk through, 看整体句子所要表达的意思或许用越过越过go over, come across。

你好! walk somewhere 走的地方

英文名:Portable Media Player 随身听是指体积孝重量轻便于随身携带的媒体播放器,由索尼创造的Walkman为代表,松下,爱华等日系品牌,飞利浦等欧系品牌,Bose,苹果等美系品牌见证了随身听的由盛到衰。用耳机播放声音是其特点,属于电子产品的...

take a walk 英[teik ə wɔ:k] 美[tek e wɔk] [词典] 散步; 遛遛; 遛达遛达; [例句]Could we take a walk? I feel like a little exercise. 我们去散散步好吗?我想活动一下。

某俚语词典的解释: A Walkwoman is a Sony Walkman in hot pink color; designed for use exclusively by women (or fags). The original Walkman came in an aluminum body colored silver and dark baby blue -- clearly designed to be a ma...

What a feeling 如此美妙 It's never been so easy 从未如此简单 When i'm dreaming 当我在做梦 Summer dreaming 关于夏天的梦 When you what a feeling 当有这种感觉时 It's never been so easy 从未如此简单 When i'm dreaming 当我在做梦 Doi...

Come on you say you love me I make you believe that it's love you receive Like a thief I just take what I need And when we're going tonight Just an ordinary evening I hear voices from the ceiling And I really was believing It w...

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