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Who govern this country? 谁统治这个国家? Who got him to do that? 他这样干,是谁授意的? Who tarred them on? 谁挑动他们干的? Who won the game? 这场比赛谁赢了? They are racing to see who is fastest. 他们在赛跑,看谁跑得最快。 They...

Who it is, do you know? 谁呀这是,你认识吗? Oh, he's my next door neighbor. 喔他是我隔壁的邻居。 望采纳。谢谢

Who's he?(他是谁?) Who's this?(你是谁?谈电话时候用) Who's the most important person to you?(谁对你最重要?)

1. Who govern this country? The king. 谁统治这个国家? 国王。 2.Who won the game? Lucy did. 这场比赛谁赢了? 露西赢了。 3.Who has taken my pen? Tom took it just now. 谁把我的钢笔拿走了? 汤姆刚刚拿了。

Who's there? 谁在哪儿? Who are you?(你是谁?) Who is this?(你是谁?谈电话时候用) Who do you think you are?(你想你是谁?) Who do you like?(你喜欢谁?) Who is the most important person to you?(谁对你最重要?) Who love you the most?(...

Who are you? Who are talking here? Who are you talking about? Who are responsible for this? Who are these guys? Who are you thinking of? Who are the bitches? Who are you talking to? Who are you talking with? Who are your friends?

Who's there? 谁在哪儿? 'You reminded me of somebody.' — 'Who?' “你让我想起了一个人。”——“谁?”

Who are you? (你是谁?) Who is this? (你是谁? 谈电话时候用) Who do you think you are? (你想你是谁?) Who do you like? (你喜欢谁?) Who is the most important person to you? (谁对你最重要?) Who love you the most? (谁最爱你?)

who造句 People who cannot speak can talk by using signs.不会说话的人可以用手势沟通。 Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁? She looked wretched and forlorn, despairing of the arrival of a friend who had promised to meet her.她...

who is your new teacher (精)(锐)

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